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Saddle Songs by Don Edwards

Saddle Songs by Don Edwards

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Disc #1

1. Ballad Of Jack Thorp

2. Old Chisholm Trail

3. Whoopi Ti Yi Yo

4. Pecos River Queen

5. Cowboy Jack

6. Chopo

7. Zebra Dun

8. Patonio

9. Sam Bass

10. Streets Of Laredo

11. Night Herding Song

12. Little Joe The Wrangler

13. Little Joe The Wrangler's Sister Nell

14. Railroad Corral

15. The Pecos Stream

16. What's Become Of The Punchers

Disc #2

1. Minstrel Of The Range

2. The Long Road West

3. Miss Aledo

4. Ridin'

5. 'Longside The Santa Fe Trail

6. Wanderin' Cowboy

7. The Strawberry Roan

8. The Glory Trail

9. I'd Like To Be In Texas

10. Doney Gal

11. Stompede!/ Master Call

12. After The Roundup

13. Rounded Up In Glory

14. Philosophical Cowboy

15. The Old Cow Man