Let Me Ride by Kristyn Harris

Let Me Ride by Kristyn Harris

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1. Let Me Ride Down in Rocky Canyon (Autry, Whitley, Rose/ASCAP)

2. What a Horse Has Gotta Do (Kristyn Harris/Ridin Velvet Records, Devon Dawson/MD Buckethead Music)

3. My Window Faces the South (Livingston, Silver, Paris/ASCAP)

4. Texas Bluebonnet Waltz (Janet McBride/Deep Cross Music/BMI)

5. Mockingbird Yodel (Dude Martin)

6. Horse Nobody Could Ride (Yates, Banning, Feek/ASCAP)

7. Yodel Western Swing (Janet McBride/Deep Cross Music/BMI, Devon Dawson/MD Buckethead Music, Kristyn Harris/Ridin' Velvet Records)

8. Roll Along Prairie Moon (Fiorito, MacPherson, Tilzer)

9. Endless Sky (Chuck Pyle,/Bug Music Obo Bee N' Flower Music/BMI)

10. When the White Roses Bloom (Down in Red River Valley) (Herrick, Rubel/ASCAP)

11. Cowgirlfriends (Juni Fisher/Red Geetar Music/ASCAP)

12. Guardian Angel (Randy Huston/Dr. Vet Music/BMI)