Cowgirlography by Juni Fisher

Cowgirlography by Juni Fisher

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1. Wayfaring Rider (Intro)

2. The Race Call

3. Little Red Horse

4. Silver Music

5. Wayfaring Rider (continued)

6. To Remember the Alamo (Lisa Aschmann (National Geographic) & Juni Fisher (Red Geetar Music))

7. Cowgirlography

8. Bring My Fiddle

9. Wayfaring Rider (continued)

10. The Brazos (Traditional)

11. The West (Jack Hannah & Baxter Black (Great American Cowboy Music))

12. I Hope She'll Love Me (duet with Sons of the San Joaquin's Joe Hannah)

13. Wayfaring Rider (continued)

14. Ballad of A Runaway Horse (Leonard Cohen (Sony/ATV Songs LLC))

15. Wayfaring Rider (Continued)

16. Goodnight Good Pony Goodnight

17. Wayfaring Rider (outro)