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Buckaroo Woman Unconfined by Jessica Hedges

Buckaroo Woman Unconfined by Jessica Hedges

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1. Lady Buckaroo

2. Cowgirl Craze

3. Buckaroo Woman Unconfined

4. Today's Plan

5. Tack Trunk

6. Wild Rag

7. Winter Clothing

8. Next Generation

9. Ranch to Raise me

10. Hankerin' to Roam

11. Ode to Little Jo

12. Amazing Grace (Traditional) / Bronco Twister's Prayer (Kiskaddon) featuring Steve Harrington

13. Cowboy's Flame

14. The Ride

15. Milkshake Finale

16. Outlaw Angel

17. Ranch Wives Laundry Meeting

18. Listening for his Cinch Bell