A Place to Land by Kristyn Harris

A Place to Land by Kristyn Harris

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1. Place to Land (Kristyn Harris)

2. The Mule Song (Kristyn Harris)

3. Cows Around (Corb Lund)

4. Old Soul (Kristyn Harris, Randy Huston)

5. Musician Standard Time (Kristyn Harris)

6. Wildfire (Michael Murphey, Larry Cansler)

7. Roly Poly (Fred Rose)

8. Along the Navajo Trail (Larry Marks, Dick Charles, Eddie Delange)

9. Tail to the Wind (Kristyn Harris)

10. America the Beautiful (Public Domain)

11. Texas Plains (Stuart Hamblen)

Bonus Track

12. Somewhere Over the Rainbow (Harold Arlen, E.Y. Harburg)