Pick ~ The Gords

Gord Matthews, Gord Maxwell, and Gordon Lee Worden “The Gords” are a folk-based, three-piece vocal group made up of extremely talented veteran sideman and session musicians.

All three “Gords” are gifted singer/songwriters who, with their talents combined, offer a sound which is greater than the sum of its parts. They combine a natural vocal harmony blend with two standout guitar players. Like fine art they take words combined with just the right music to create a lasting picture.

The “Gords” are alumni of the legendary Ian Tyson Trio.  Gord Matthews played with Ian and Gord Maxwell from 1998-2008, appearing on the “Lost Herd”, “Live at Longview”“, Songs From The Gravel Road” and “Yellowhead To Yellowstone CD’s.” Gordon Lee Worden joined Gord Maxwell in 2008 and they are currently recording and touring with Ian Tyson.

Gord Matthews ~ Gord Maxwell ~ Gordon Lee Worden

The Gords


Feel At Home / Childhood Memories / A House, A Woman, A Song / Take Your Time / Proud / Magpie / Old dreams Die Hard / Somewhere in the Rubies / High Road / Time to Cry / When Dreams Collide No.2318 CD $18.00

Pick ~ The Gords

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