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These Were The Vaqueros - Arnold Rojas

When Hitching Post Supply began this was one of the very first books we carried. It was a definitive look at the vaquero and totally mesmerizing. It has always been a reference book for us and our vaquero inspired buckaroo gear. Arnold Rojas ( 1898-1988) tells the stories of the first vaqueros of California. With this re-issue many more will now be able to learn from “Chief Rojas” about the history of the Spanish land grants, of wild horses, wild cattle, the legends and campfire tales of the early vaquero. Rojas describe in detail how the vaqueros tamed and turned wild horses into working cow horses and offers a lifetime of study in bits and bitting.  This book is a classic for  both the modern horsemen and students of western history.  Softcover. 5 1/2" x 8 1/2", 552 pages.

These Were The Vaqueros - Arnold Rojas

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