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Adrian - Boots and Pearls (CD)


Cinderella / At The End Of The Year / Boots And Pearls / Farewell Angelina / Damn Rodeo Men / Missing You / Promises and Papermoons / Then Man Who Loved / Red Dirt Girl / Smile At Me / Down The Rio Grand / White Dress / Stories We Could Tell / Wild Horses


Boots and Pearls reflects the baring of singer/song writer Adrian’s soul through her passionate music. Producer, Tom Russell contributes to her tale of heartache and happiness always pointing to her one true love, The West.
Without losing her passion for the ranching west—Adrian takes her fans to new heights—through her emotion filled lyrics and music. Both critically and popularly acclaimed, Adrian has reached into our soul and helped us see the truth of musical commitment, which transcends traditional genres. Is it Folk, Country, Rock, Western, Cowboy? No, it’s all of these and many more—it’s music people love and feel deeply—making it their own as soon as they hear it.
The press and other artists alike have this to say about Adrian’s newest contribution….
"Adrian is an athlete in the studio. She has a great work eithic that comes through in her music. I really enjoyed working with her."  Tom Russell, Musician and Producer of Boots and Pearls
“Adrian is the most impressive young singer-songwriter to come along in quite some time. Keep our eye on her!” Dave Stamey, Western Music Association Entertainer of the Year
“This new, young artist is a buckaroo’s Taylor Swift….” Bill Reynolds, Western Horseman
“A wonderful young talent.”  Waddie Mitchell, Entertainer & Poet
“She’s Amazing!”  Channel 2 News, Salt Lake City, Utah

Adrian - Boots and Pearls (CD)

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Adrian - Boots and Pearls (CD)
Dave mcdonald -
Trawling through YouTube, came across this gem! Yee ha and worth listening too