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Dyed 8-Ply Mohair Cinch Cord

Dyed 8-ply 100% mohair cinch cord by the pound. About 100 feet per pound. Priced per pound. 

Colors may vary from picture. We will be glad to send sample of actual mohair to better color match.

ATTENTION-- Dyed mohair is not colorfast and may crock (bleed color on your hands or onto other items) Pre-washing or rinsing is strongly recommended for best results. 



Dyed 8-Ply Mohair Cinch Cord

Price: $40.00 (per Pound)
Sku: 09
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Dyed Mohair Cinch Cord
Desirae -
Love their mohair!

Dyed Mohair Cinch Cord
Elicia -
Good quality, great dye job. Very even and does not bleed. Will buy again.

Dyed Mohair Cinch Cord
Jane -

High quality, evenly dyed mohair cord, which is easy to work with, and ties into beautiful, long las ...