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Basque Motif Necklace

LAUBURU, (say "lah-oo-boo-roo"), or "four heads," is a universally recognized Basque motif. It exists in both a "positive" form as a symbol of "Life" in Basque carpentry and construction; and in a "negative" form found only on Basque gravestones. Some say the emblem represents earth, wind, fire and water; others think they signify four winds of Basque fishermen and sailors. Some wear it as a talisman and many claim it as the Basque Cross. Its origin is a mystery, but its significance today lies in the hearts and minds of everyone who embraces it as a symbol of "All Things Basque." Basque design on hand engraved slightly domed sterling disk with chain. Comes Engraved 3/4", 1" or 1.5"

Basque Motif Necklace

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