Where the Fire Burns by Dyrk Godby

Where the Fire Burns by Dyrk Godby

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1. All around Cowboy (Written by Marty Robbins)

2. Starting With You (Written by Dyrk Godby)

3. The Gospel According to Luke (Written by Skip Ewing and Don Sampson

4. Hard To Be A Cowboy (Written by Dyrk Godby)

5. Gentle On My Mind (Written by John Hartford)

6. Let It Remind You (The Cross) (Written by Dyrk Godby)

7. Long Eight Second Ride (Written by Dyrk Godby)

8. Really Love To See You Tonight (Written by Parker McGee)

9. Snake River Outlaw (Written by Dyrk Godby)

10. Please Come To Boston (Written by Dave Loggins

11. A Man Named Jim (Jim Dorrance) (Written by Dyrk Godby)

12. Ridin' My Thumb To Mexico (Written by Johnny Rodriguez)

13. That's How I Talk To God (Written by Dyrk Godby)

14. The Best One I Ever Raised (Written by Dyrk Godby)

15. Old Dunny (Written by Paul Wagner)

16. Where the Fire Burns (Written by Dyrk Godby)

17. And then there's this