Last of the Troubadours by Don Edwards

Last of the Troubadours by Don Edwards

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1. Gone to Texas

2. The Habit

3. For Them That Lean to Lonesome

4. The Colorado Trail

5. Night Rider's Lament

6. By the Silvery Rio Grande

7. Diamond Joe

8. The Old Cowboy

9. Barbara Allen

10. Make Me a Cowboy Again for a Day

11. The Sierra Petes

12. The Mormon Cowboy

13. Forth Worth Jail

14. Red River Valley

15. Green Grow the Laurel

16. When the Work's All Done This Fall



1. Saddle Tramp

2. Lonely Wanderer

3. Following the Cow Trail

4. Chant of the Night Songs

5. West of the Round Corral

6. Windy Bill

7. Cowhand's Last Ride

8. The Cowboy's Home Sweet Home

9. Utah Carroll

10. Root Hog Or Die

11. The Rancher Feeds Us All

12. I Wanted to Die in the Desert

13. The Dying Cowboy of Rimrock Ranch

14. The Campfire Has Gone out

15. Cowboy's Meditation

16. Here's Looking at You