The Northern Horses (DVD)

Vaquero Series Fourteen

The Spaniards brought horses to Santa Fe in 1610. By 1730 most of the Plains Indians had acquired these horses. It changed their culture and was the birth of a spiritual bond between man and horse that still survives today.

The horses of the Northern Plains Indians were heavier boned and rangier than the Southwestern variety. They bred them to the Canadian Horse, known as “The Little Iron Horse.” This critter could withstand harsh weather, scarce food and was a tough, all around working horse. Sitting Bull was a breeder of these horses, and today, the bloodline still exists in the rolling hills of North Dakota on the bank of the Missouri River.

Filmed on the Blackfoot Reservation, Montana, the Blood Reserve in Alberta, the Crow Tribe in eastern Montana. And the Lakota Lands where Sitting Bull horses’ bloodline still survives to this day.

The Northern Horses (DVD)

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